Why companies choose us, regardless they have an in-house HR Team?

It is not because they want to pay double. On the contrary, companies investing in our recruitment services are doing it as an investment that will pay off itself and bring long returns.

Labour is the main element for producing goods or services; hence, for a business to have the right talent, it is possible to close more clients, get on top of competitors and even open up new markets. 

In this context, in-house HR teams are very helpful. Still, in most cases, they have many duties, such as selection of candidates, retention of employees, processing payroll, conducting disciplinary actions, updating policies, maintaining employee records, conducting benefit analysis, and many more.

Consequently, when it comes to specialised searches, difficult job openings, urgent hires, multiple vacancies or when resources are stretched thin, e.g. the hiring manager is busy fighting day-to-day fires or implementing business transformations or other strategic projects, and a recruit gets put on the back burner- it is advisable to look for external recruitment expertise.

This is where SeekBetter comes in; we specialise in connecting expert software engineers with leading companies that need their skills and expertise. By working with us, you get:

  • Access to a wider talent pool: We have an extensive network and access to a broader candidate pool for finding JavaScript and Python engineers. This is because we connect daily with them.

  • Access to passive candidates: We have established relationships with engineers who may not be interested in making a job move now but are keen to do so soon, enabling us to reach candidates that are not accessible to others.

  • Expertise in recruitment: In SeekBetter, we specialise in connecting JavaScript and Python engineers only; this allows us to know our niche area well; we count on effective sourcing strategies, screening techniques, and assessment methods. Our expertise can help streamline your hiring process, reduce time-to-fill, and improve your quality of hires.

  • Objectivity and neutrality: We bring an objective perspective to the hiring process since we are not influenced by internal biases or preconceptions about candidates or the organisation. This impartiality can lead to more objective candidate evaluations and better-informed hiring decisions.

  • Focus and dedication: While internal HR teams often juggle multiple responsibilities, at SeekBetter, we are solely focused on recruitment. We dedicate our full time and resources to sourcing, screening, and evaluating candidates, providing a more focused and efficient hiring process.

  • Confidentiality and discretion: In SeekBetter, we maintain higher levels of privacy for the client and the candidates. We conduct discreet searches and handle sensitive information with greater care.

  • Market insights and benchmarking: We know the job market and industry trends; thus, we provide valuable insights into the availability of talent, compensation benchmarks, and market conditions. This information helps SeekBetter’s clients to make informed decisions and stay competitive in attracting top talent.

  • Time and cost savings: We handle time-consuming tasks like sourcing, screening, and initial interviews, allowing your internal HR teams to focus on other strategic initiatives. By doing this, we help reduce the risk of a bad hire, which can be costly for the Company regarding training, onboarding, and potential turnover.

  • Set of a Success Fee & Guarantees: Our success fee ensures that you only pay when the right candidate starts working for you. And also, as our way to show our commitment, we provide a 12 weeks guarantee policy. 

In conclusion, SeekBetter is here to help you to reach the right engineers to work for you; book an appointment with us here or contact us at hello@seekbetter.eu