Shortage Of Experts To Integrate Your System?

You are not alone. Even the software companies such as Odoo, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics have acknowledged that the lack of appropriate skills in the workforce is the main hurdle to their business solutions.  

The reason being is that though their softwares are pretty comprehensive, they unify different business processes such as; sales, finance, marketing, HR management, customer service, procurement and field operations, each of them used by the clients in their own way and thus, in need of an expert to set it up in line with their business needs.

Moreover, frequently, clients need the solutions to be combined with other third parties products and services, which requires consultant and engineering expertise. And in addition, technology moves fast, and with newer versions being released regularly, specialists can feel thrown out quickly.

Software companies are responding to the shortage with job perks. For instance, Odoo (Belgium) is offering 10k EUR as a bonus to any developer starting to work with them. Microsoft Dynamics (North America) and SAP (Germany) offer all types of benefits, from healthcare, maternity and parental leave, life insurance, gym subscriptions to investments and savings plans.

But as true as not everything can be solved with money, it is also real that not all companies can pay such perks without going bankrupt. Then, What is a solution for companies using the software?

In the UK, companies using ERP have started to train their apprentices, hoping to grow them and keep them in their companies. But, unfortunately, due to the competitive demand, many leave the companies that have invested in them, and some even without finalising the training.

As a result, getting a good employee has never become so hard. Many people say that they know something that they do not. Other people with just a bit of knowledge want to be Team Leads only. And some want to abuse the system to get a visa to relocate and leave the company afterwards. 

The recruitment process has become crucial, and what has been for ages the job of human resources now is turning to the IT department; and not all companies have the resources to afford to put their engineers in the selection of people instead of focusing on their projects. 

In that sense, SeekBetter has done most of the fieldwork as a provider of ERP software integration and implementation. We know who is a good candidate and who is not because we work with ERPs. We know the systems, the projects, the skills needed for each solution, and the market prices for employees and contractors.

Our complete IT talent service covers Recruitment for companies looking to grow their in-house IT team and Outsourcing for companies looking for an on-demand service or to set up and manage an external IT team.

Combining the best recruitment practices and our IT knowledge is helping many businesses to make the right decision when it comes to people. And a company is a group of people, so, get the top talents. Happy to chat more. Arrange a call with us.